Tuesday, July 26, 2011

25 days of 100 or more

We are in a heat wave here in Texas. Twenty five days of 100 degrees or more. What's bad, it doesn't cool off at night. The low this morning was 86. This is the highest low ever recorded! I will be glad when this heat wave breaks. I don't feel like doing anything.What we need is a hurricane!
I was reading my Trailblazer magazine from Thousand Trails, and this issue they feature Washington state. It really looks inviting. So many nice TT parks in Oregon and Washington. If I live long enough to get another rig, that is where I am heading! With Thousand Trails, I can stay two weeks free in each park, all the way up the coast and back down! I also belong to RPI, Resorts Parks International, and there are a number of them on the west coast too. I don't know if I will renew my membership with them or not. They keep going up, and the park rates keep going up. Used to be $10.00 per night for TT members, now it's $18, if I read it right, and $2.00 for reservation fee. I have been a member of Thousand Trails/Naco since 1983 and am trying to keep my budget where I can still pay my dues of $550.00 year. Not easy on low income. It may get even lower, who knows. Looking at class c motorhomes', and possible tow car. Guess you can tell, I don't want to just sit here. 

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  1. I can relate to not just wanting to sit there. My problem is having to tow the Highlander, which probably isn't the easiest car to tow, plus the cost of installing all the hardware.