Sunday, July 17, 2011

16 days of triple digits!

That's right, sixteen days of temps 100 or above, but take heart, it's just going to be 99 tomorrow!
Today was a peaceful day, did a little mending I had been putting off. Tried on clothing, some I thought was too small actually fit, and some too large. So, I feel I am making a little headway in clearing out my "junk" pile. Next time I move to an RV, it will be less to haul.
Judy, one of my readers says Gypsy and I have the same problem. I think we do, I just wish I had discovered what I wanted BEFORE, I rented an apartment. I do like my apartment, just not apartment living, and I sure didn't sign on for so much cleaning. I must have been drunk! I didn't remember how much dusting, moping, and vacuuming there was to keep house. House work is not very rewarding, as it is never finished. 
I have added a new Blog to my list. Desert Messenger,Quartzsite. This is a newspaper, very interesting, if you are a Quartzsite boondocking person. The Mayor there is a member of the LoWs , and a nice fellow. It will list all the shows and dates, probably not until Oct. Hot and tired, going to bed! 

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