Thursday, November 10, 2011

Work day

Yesterday was a work day, today a going to the doctor day!
I really didn't work hard at all. My daughter Cherry actually did all the work, I just supervised. We cleaned my storage bldg. it looks better, but sure is not empty! We are taking a lot of stuff to the "house" for the estate sale. I do hope it all sells. I sure don't want it to be carried back to the storage.
Storage bldgs. are such a loss. Nothing in there is worth what I have paid for in the last six years I have had it. Don't know why anyone has a storage bldg. no matter what you get for your "stuff" you are still just giving it away, so might as well give it away in the first place. 
I had a doctors' appointment for today anyway, but as it turns out I really did have reason for going, beside my back. I am having my back xrayed and then will go to a pain management doctor. Hopefully I can get some relief!

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