Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Curtains

Curtains for my utility room. Just below them I keep my ironing board and iron. I forgot how to use it but it is there, makes a good folding table. My stak-pak washer (from my rv) is to the right of the curtains. The window looks out on the hallway, no view. I didn't have any trouble putting them up this time. They cost a total of $4.00, from the Dollar Store. Not bad?
Still hot and humid. Humidity is 49%, it feel like a steam bath.
Having computer problems. I think it is something I downloaded from Google! 


  1. Looks nice, I like the trim on the edges. I try not to buy anything that needs to be ironed, but I did keep my small travel iron, just in case.

  2. Nice curtains. You were lucky to get them so cheap.