Monday, December 19, 2011

Life is not always a bowl of cherries

Some time it's the pits! My estate sale was so bad I don't even want to talk about it. A complete bust. I did advertise, put signs out etc. People came,but bought "junk", small stuff. The city allows two sales per year, so I've had my two. I will now advertise in classifieds of the local newspapers, and on e-bay for the furniture and other items for sale. This means I will have to go to Joshua, about 14 miles away to show items by appointment. Not what I wanted to do. After the first of the year I can have two more "sales". 
Not feeling good has a lot to do with my not wanting to do any more sales. I went to a pain management doctor, and after listening to my heart, he would not give me any injections. He said I had Afib and needed to address that first. So, it was off to my PCP, and then to heart doctor, and EKG. Sure enough I do have Afib. They will be putting me on Pradaxa when I get the results back from the Labs my PCP did. Seems like everything is hard to do, no one can sync with each other. Tomorrow I am going for Echo Cardiogram. Then what? I don't know, but I can tell you I don't feel well, so short of breath. It's been a "bitch" just getting my bed made up today. My hip is still hurting, even though I have some new meds. for that also. Old age is NOT fun. I hope I can get to the point I can at least take care of myself and walk my dog.  :)


  1. Whatever you do, take care of your heart. A Fib is serious and sometimes it is difficult to get the med just right. Hang in there, Theresa.

  2. Why not go to an Estate Sale warehouse and get them to come and clear the house.