Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am here

just reading the blogs. I know this is supposed to be a travel blog, and I am not traveling at this time. I see a lot of people are in the same mode as I am in. I still enjoying reading their blogs, and try to keep up every day. The days seem "long" to me, guess I am just refueling my strength at this time. 
I keep up with my RV clubs activities, and wish I could join in! The SOLO's are planning a big GTG in  Death Valley,CA "49"ers encampment at Furnace Creek.  I was hoping I would have some kind of RV by now. Then there is the SOLO'S annual meeting in  Quartzsite, AZ on Plamosa Rd in January. And, I really don't want to miss the Blue Grass music in Blythe,Ca Jan. 20! I could keep busy and happy all winter! So, I am once again "looking" for a rig.

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