Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More smoke and fires today

So many homes lost in the Bastrop,TX area. About seven hundred so far. Many people only had fifteen minutes to get out, and let the animals go. Many horses,cows,goats, and pigs were found wandering around and without food or water for days. A shelter has been set up for the animals as well as people. People that have lost everything are helping feed and water the animals. Ain't Texans great? I am proud to be a Texan, we all pull together and help one another. Have to say we have wonderful fire fighters from all over the states come to help us. People are just amazing! Firemen as far away as Alaska, and N.Dakota are here to help. Hope we will get a good rain soon. I have heard from some of my RV friends that live in that area, and so far they have not lost their home. I haven't been out today, I do have a heart problem and don't want to breathe any "smoke or haze". I think most of my breathing problems are from allergies anyway.

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