Sunday, June 26, 2011

Texas State Parks

I hate to say it but Texas is not very good to their senior citizens. I have been researching state parks that rent cabins, seems Texas is short on these, and do NOT accept pets! If you are "old" you get a fifty percent discount on the daily entrance fee of $3.00, isn't that just peachy?So, I looked at C.O.E. (Core of engineers) parks. They do give senior half price discounts, but, again no cabins. Then I researched Federal Parks in Texas, this is the best bet for campers, there are "free" places to camp on the Texas coast, no hook-ups. Once again no cabins. Arkansas does have some rental cabins that will accept pets, $40.00 non refundable deposit. They give seniors (out of state) 25% discount for RV sites, and they are cheaper than Texas to begin with. 
My singles group,SOLO's are going to Sheridan,WY to get together before going to the Escapade in Gillette,WY. I would surely like to go, but I know I am not able to this year. But if I went there is no way I would go without going to Yellowstone Natl. Park. I have been there many years ago, also Grand Teton Natl. Park. I did take many pictures, but when I tried to unload my camera, I lost them all! I always vowed I would return!
 I have decided if I can I will get a camper van, Roadtrek, or Pleasureway. I would like to have a small class C, but it would have to be really small, one I could drive as an everyday vehicle. I really don't want to tow anything any more. So, for now I will keep looking, and planning.

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  1. Planning is half the fun. I have seen lots of small class C's, so you should be able to find one. A lady down in Texas would do everything in hers. I would say it was probably between 21 and 24 ft. She loved it and said she wished she had gotten one years ago.