Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 1

Yesterday was July 1st and I was supposed to be out of the parking lot by 9:00am again. I left at nine and it seems no one else was going to move.
In any case I had to be in town early, so it was OK. I did a little shopping, went to Goodwill, didn't find anything there. Then went to Cleburne Thrift. I had not been there before. I found a small love seat I would like to get for my little apartment. I just need to find someone to unload it for me when I get it to the apartment. My next stop was Big Lots, a lot like Dollar store, but more merchandise. Bought a curtain rod, and mattress pad for the twin bed in my "guest" room.Then on to Wal Mart,  I thought I would get a McDonald's chicken sandwich, but when I got there, the line was too long to wait. No electric carts were available either, so I had to walk the store. About half hour later I was in so much pain, I could barely take it. I went to the deli and bought some popcorn chicken to snack on as I shopped. Wal Mart had fresh corn on the cob for 15 cents ea. I just brought three ears, but wished now I had bought more and put them in the freezer. I keep forgetting I have freezer space now! Also bought some tomatoes, still on the vine for 89 cents a lb. I had a very good supper last night of fresh corn,tomatoes, boiled potatoes with butter! Not on my diet, but so good. 
Today I made a wonderful Pineapple sugar free pie.
My friend and fellow blogger, Helen, had on her blog. She is a full timer, living in her fifth wheel at Rockport,Texas. This year she solved her towing  problem with the purchase of a travel trailer to take to her "summer" home in IA. No more towing a big RV. She will have a winter home in Texas, and summer home in IA.  Check out her recipes! She post a new recipe every month. This pie called for a ready Graham  cracker crust, but I think it would be just as good in a serving dish, without the crust!

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  1. I couldn't open the link to Helens blog. I usually make pumpkin pie without the crust.