Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lake Whitney,Texas on fire!

This is just across the dam from where I had my lease lot at Thousand Trails. I always worried about fire when I was there. There was so much dry brush just behind my rig. I walked all through the fields and found stashes of dead tree limbs they had cut and old wooden post. I thought if it ever caught fire, I would never get hooked up in time to get out. I saw on my Facebook page they had moved campers to Bay Landing TT/N preserve at Bridgeport, Texas. However there has been many fires close to it also. The reason they had the Whitney preserve  campers move was, they have no electric. There are many park models there, I wonder what those people will do.
Spent most of the day, daydreaming about getting back on the road, and what kind of rig I would get.
I think, because I already have the truck, hitch,brake controller, which is pretty new, I should look for another fifth wheel, smaller, and hopefully easier to handle. We will see. When I am making plans to travel, to the desert of course, I am Happy! If I thought I would have to live here the rest of my life, I think I would just cut my throat!

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