Friday, June 24, 2011

Peaceful Day

Today was another one of "those" days. I didn't do a thing. Couldn't get motivated. I totally forgot today was trash day until 7 pm! 
Talked to my friend,Pat, that lives close to the Red River, seems her refrigeration quit on her. She was busy trying to save her food. She thinks it is a breaker. Mine did that and it was the converter, cost me $400.00 to replace. Seems like there is always something breaking down on these RVs. I know mine was a money pit! However, not all RVs I have owned has been. My hubby and I had two travel trailers and never had any trouble, except a flat when we went to Alaska. Maybe my Big Sky Montana was a lemon? Too late now to worry about it. Move on, try something else. Still thinking about a camper van, Roadtrek, or that other one. But then I couldn't live full time in it. I do know some older ladies that DO live in theirs full time. I don't think I could. I have been looking at Aliner tonight, I don't think I want that either. I don't want to have to look for a restroom. To me, the whole idea of having a RV is being able to use your own restroom, fix a snack and maybe take a rest. If you can't do that, why not just go in the car? Back to the drawing board!


  1. I think the more features and slides on an RV of any kind, the more likely there will be problems. They are all getting to be so complex and the mfrs keep adding more features, and many aren't designed well at all. The attraction of many of the smaller units is that they are so simple in concept, but even those are being loaded down with features and electrical systems that make them heavy and more likely to break down. I all boils down to what you want and don't mind paying for.

  2. I thin a teardrop or Casita would work for you. I think they have all the ammenities, but are small and easy to handle. You could also pull one with a smaller auto. Just sayin.

    Thanks for your comment on my site. Our mfr has gone out of business a long time ago, National RV,so we will just do what we have to, to get the flooring done.