Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More on Xpress Redi Set Go

I am using my Xpress Redi Set Go just about everyday, love it! Yesterday I made my version of Mexican Pizza. I put one corn tortilla spread with my pinto bean mixture of mashed bean, and hamburger meat, with Pace Salsa, then stacked another one on top also with the pinto bean, meat mixture and topped with shredded Mexican cheese. Set timer for 4 mins. It came out great. Top with shredded lettuce,tomatoes, sour cream if you like.
Tonight, after working at the house I was in a hurry to fix supper. So, I fired up the Xpress, sprayed it with pam, and put my seasoned pork chop on, timed it for 7 mins. Again it was good. I am dying to try something sweet in the mini muffin pan!

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