Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot again today

Hot again today in Cleburne, it got to 102 and I felt it too. A pleasant day, my second born daughter came to visit. First time she had seen my tiny apartment. 
It was Bingo day to boot, so we went to play Bingo,and I got to yell BINGO! I didn't win much, just a package of pocket tissues, but it was fun to win something.


  1. Hey, winning is winning, no matter how big the prize. Stay safe.

  2. Just found your blog this morning neighbor. I live in Lillian, nor far from you. Howdy!! I'll spend the time this morning and go back an read all your post. But first!! You mentioned wanting to scan a bunch of slides to save to Hard disk. I had bought a thing to do just that with the 100's of them my wife had. I found one , this is not the one I had but it was the same type thing..
    it is time consuming but it works.

    There are of course companies that will do it, but they won't proof them , and you may find you end of paying for copies of bad slides.

    You got the time, find you one at Walmart of somewhere local and after you use it,,sell it ..

    Interesting , you just got out of RV'ing and I just got back to it. Never had a class A and decided I didn't want one so ended up with a nice Cab-over that will work fine for me, once I get it rigged the way I want it. ( only thing I am needing now is rear entry steps and gen set) My worthless rambling blog is

    Stay cool neighbor