Monday, August 1, 2011


It is 107 today. 31 days of 100 degrees or more temps, the record is 42 days in 1980, we may break the old record. There have been nine deaths in Dallas County, and one in Tarrant. None here that I have heard of. The cattlemen are selling off their live stock, making lower prices for beef now, but next year it will mean higher prices for beef. No rain and all the hay, and corn fields have burned up. That means everyone will be paying more for food. You could start a "victory" garden, but with no rain, what's the use. I think hard times are coming, and we should be "saving" for that rainy day! Grasshoppers are eating everything, there is just nothing for the animals to eat! Reminds me of Bible times.
Cooked my last rump roast I had bought on sale before I left Whitney. Had plenty of carrots, onions and potatoes around it. So good. I thought I could freeze some, like a TV dinner, but I think I am going to eat it all! I think I did a lot better buying groceries in Whitney. The little stores there seemed to "compete" with each other, and one week you would find really good deals at one, and the next week the other store would have good buys. David's grocery often had "case" sales. Always a good buy.

My back is still killing me. I totally think it is my bed. Have not had a good nights rest since I moved here. Still looking at RVs on the "net" and keep finding Motorhomes I really like. One thing, they sure don't have any storage space. I would really have to down size my clothing, and all my cooking stuff. Would hate to give up my washer dryer, and ice maker. I think I have solved the ice maker thing, by buying a portable one, it will make ice when plugged in a 12 volt plug. It is way too hot to go looking at RVs. That will have to wait until a cold front! 

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