Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Bread

                                                             Sunbeam Bread Machine
                                                              bread pan "bucket"      
                                                 ingredients used for basic bread
Got my bread machine out and put ingredients in the bucket. Had trouble waiting for it to be ready. Smelled so good. I was a little disappointed it didn't rise as much as I thought it should. I always make a small loaf, one and half pound loaf. Bread machine bread doesn't have all those preservatives, so it doesn't keep as long. Well I don't have to worry about it keeping, I ate most of it! Mmm good.


  1. Home-made bread is the best! I have made all our bread for the last 45 years, 6 loaves at a time. You go girl but don't eat it all at once ☺

  2. I love home made bread, and had a bread maker a few years back that I wasn't very satisfied with. It seemed like the loaf was always heavy and dense, and I like bread that's light and airy. Do you have a good recipe? I'm thinking about buying another bread machine.