Monday, August 15, 2011

Are You an Early Bird?

Thanks Teri for your comments, I think we travel just alike!
Do you get up early to get on the road? Or, do you take your time, and have coffee and breakfast first?
                                                   Casa Grande Ruins,Casa Grande,AZ
Several years ago, my husband and I traveled with another couple every now and then. They always wanted to get up about 4:30, they would take their coffee with them and hit the road. Some where down the road, about day break we would stop and eat a big breakfast. By noon, they were ready to pull into a rest area and take a nap. I was just getting awake and ready to "boogie". This is not the way I like to travel. It is nice to be retired and take your time. I always have my coffee and cereal in the comfort of my nightgown, in my own rig. I can then plan my days driving, and make notes about the last days adventures. I also like to keep track of my gas mileage  and cost in general. Then by about 9:30 I am on the road. By that time, all the people trying to get to work are past me, and I don't have to fight the traffic. When I had a motorhome, I didn't do so much planning, but I found pulling a 37 ft fifth wheel, I needed to know more about pull outs, and RV parks that I could get in, and most of all, get out of. I have been in situations where I had to turn that fifth wheel around, or back out. That is not fun! Best to know before you go! I traveled to Dothan, Alabama about the second year I had my fiver. My daughter and grand kids lived there and I stayed a month. I stayed in the Clean RV park, right next to the Fair Ground. Coming back to Texas, in Mississippi, I had trouble finding a gas station with diesel that I could get into. One place advertised, down the road just a few blocks off the main road had easy in and diesel. Well, when I got there it had closed, gone out of business, AND had chains across the drive. So, I couldn't even get in to turn around. I had to go miles and miles down that little road, afraid I would run out of fuel, (something you don't want to do in a diesel) finally found a spot in the road wide enough, no traffic coming, so I turned that sucker around, just getting in the ditch a little bit. When I did get back to Texas, I started looking into getting a 50 gallon tank in the bed of my truck, with a switch inside that I could just "flip" and run on that tank. Best investment I ever made. From then on I didn't worry about running out of diesel!

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  1. When we travelled we got up early on moving day but had our breakfast, did the dishes packed up and were on our way around 8 to 8.30 AM. We were lucky to have travel partners that were on the same schedule. We really enjoyed travelling with them.