Friday, July 1, 2011

Didn't make much headway~

I went to my storage bldg. in Whitney,TX yesterday. I was supposed to have my truck off the parking lot by 9: am, but when I left, no one was here busy power washing the parking lot. No one else seemed like they intended on moving their vehicles, I needed to go to Whitney anyway. It is a hard drive  because of all the road construction. I talked to the manager of the Storage place about getting some help. He gave me a card with a place that would help, for $40.00 an hour, with a two hour min. yeah, right, I am going for that deal! It was just too hot to do much. My bldg. is stuffed from front to back. I was only able to work my way back just a little, so as to get a path toward the back. When you step inside, the heat really hits you. I did throw away some boxes, and took a few thing to the church for their thrift store. By then it was lunch time and I went to Sonic drive in to get a hamburger. If you have never been to Sonic, you know you park on one side, and the car hops roller skate around waiting on you. I am wondering why some "dude" on the other side always leaves his headlights on in the daytime, thus shining in my eyes? I like their hamburgers and fries, they have a drive in here, but they are not as good! I then went to the Family Dollar store for a few, just have to have items, and stopped by the beauty salon and got my senior haircut. $10.00, a good buy, I think! By the time I returned to Cleburne I was really tired and shaky. Just can't do much in this heat any more. When I got here about 4:00 pm I could see the men working on the back side of the bldg with the pressure washer. I don't think anyone moved their vehicle,except for me!

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  1. Slowly but surely, you will get through the boxes. My garage is my storage unit and its packed, I have 2 weeks to get it in order for a garage sale.