Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Questions?

Thanks Teri for your comment. It brings up another question of course. When you travel from A to B, do you plan your stops, or just stop when the need occurs? I always look at my maps for rest areas that are about 100 to 200 hundred miles apart, and before getting into a big city. I don't really like the ones that have restrooms, because of all the big rigs that use them. I don't ever use public restrooms, if I don't have to. Why have a expensive RV and not use your own restroom? There are cases where you don't have a choice. Just a easy on and off will do me just fine. 
What do you do when you stop for a break? Get a snack, use the restroom, and then hit the road again. But, wait, aren't there some things you NEED to do before pulling back out on the highway? Do you check your tires, not with a gauge, just do a walk around? You see truckers hitting their tires with a"stick", there's a reason for that. Do you feel your hubs? Make sure they are not hot? I try to run my route on Microsoft Streets and Trips, showing all of my stops, and allow about 15 minutes for each stop, and thirty for lunch. That way I can arrive at the RV park feeling pretty good, not in a hurry to set up so I can eat or go to the bathroom. You really need to get out and walk around about every two hours. Maybe do some jumping jacks! Wouldn't that peak someones day?
When I am going from A to B, I look for RV parks that are easy off and on. Hopefully they will be level. I don't put my slides out, don't connect to water, or sewer, just the electric. Speaking of KOA, they are so expensive I rarely use them, but, they are good about having different rates for different sites. If you don't need all the bells and whistles, then they are a little cheaper. I look for Passport America discount parks also. I am a Charter  Lifetime member of Good Sam, their discount parks give a 10% discount. Just about saves the tax. There is a KOA I like to stay at going west on I20 at Abilene,TX. It is on the wrong side of the highway if you are heading west, but I don't mind doing the turn around. There is a really nice one in Amarillo,TX too. They have a grill and will bring your order to your site. It is usually ready by the time you get set up.
How many of you are "early birds" do you get up and hit the road before sunrise?
                                                       Casa Grande Ruins,Casa Grande,AZ
Helen, glad to see you have joined my readers. Let us know about your "doozie" RV parks!

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  1. Hi, again. Since I travel alone, I plan out my route. I use the internet and paper maps. I write down the main route numbers on an index card using a heavy marker so it is easy to see at a glance. I also use the GPS - but it is not always accurate. I stop a lot along the way, I use my own bathroom, and I do get out and walk around and look at the tires before I continue on. I am planning on ordering a "tire thumper" from Amazon. I always get gas at a half tank and try not to drive more than 200-300 miles a day. Since I am driving a motorhome without a toad, I do my shopping and sightseeing before I get to the campground. I always try to arrive before 4pm, a few times I was later because of sightseeing I had done. I always hook up the electric and only hook up the water and sewer if I think I need it. A few times when I arrived at a park, I did not like the feel of it and left. Then I had to pullover somewhere and find the next nearest park. After that happened a few times, I now pick out more than one park - I give myself an alternate. I rarely make reservations - I may change my route or see something else along the way.