Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Hydro Spin shower head.

No maintenance man needed. 
Easy to do, took about ten minutes, five to find my glasses, five to install.
Hydro Spin has only four spray settings, that's OK with me, what I was going for was a long hose, so it will spray up and down and all around! I will be able to bathe Kandi in the shower! She loves the water anyway, I had trouble keeping her OUT of the shower in the rig. She wanted to shower every time I did. Otherwise a quiet Sunday.


  1. You are lucky Kandi likes her showers. Most dogs are dead against that. I'm glad to see that you are turning your apartment into a home.

  2. I wish Rusty was that easy to wash. He gets Don, and the bedroom soaked. He acts like it is a punishment. :)