Saturday, August 13, 2011

Emerald Cove RV Resort

What kind of RV park do you look for when you are traveling? Thinking about some of my RV park choices I have made in the past and wondering if I would repeat them. This park in Earp,CA is a membership park, and I WOULD NOT go back. It is a nice park, but, really hard for big rigs to get into, and no TV or cell service.
So, I am wondering when you are traveling down the road, what is important to you in a RV park? Close to the highway? Easy in and out? What is your "must have", maybe a swimming pool, nice showers, WiFi. What do you look for, discount parks, membership parks,KOA ? I didn't list State Parks because they are usually too far off the highway, and they are not cheap either. Do you look for Wally World free parking? 
Inquiring minds want to know! 

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  1. I have often thought about these same things. I have only traveled for about 7 weeks in my RV. I have never stayed at Wally World, I like to walk around my campsite, I want a wooded site with hiking trails. I like the State Parks - many are on the secondary roads which I usually travel, I avoid the interstates. I like KOA campgrounds, they usually have a place to walk, and have a pond or river or lake with picnic tables to sit by the water. I would like to have WiFi and Cell Service - I don't have a TV in my rig - so I don't worry about that. Trees - shade and a decent amount of space between sites is important. I have gone to some discount parks, but usually if I am just staying for one night on my way to somewhere else. I have a small 24'motorhome so I don't worry so much about the easy in/out. I don't use swimming pools to much so that is not a priority and I use the shower in my rig. Electricity is the big "must have" when it is hot(to run the A/C).