Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you know the Laws?

Thanks Vera, it's nice when you do have a companion to share breakfast and duties with!
While unloading my groceries the other day I noticed one of my mud flaps was gone! I really don't know when it came off. But, in Texas it is the law if you have dual wheels, you must have mud flaps! So, I am wondering, do you know the law in the states you are travelling through? Different states have different laws, some are nuts! California for instance, you can't sit in a parking lot with your engine running ! It's because of pollution.  


Visitor Center, Silver City,NM
Cabin , Silver City New Mexico
When I first got my fifth wheel, I went to a camp out in the piney woods of East Texas. Very soft dirt, and of course I had to back up to get to the electric, and so I could get my slides out. Backed right over my mud flaps and ripped them off. Went to town and got a couple of kids at a service station to punch new holes in them and raise them up a couple of inches. I might get some that have that naked lady on them or maybe the Marlboro Man!

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