Friday, July 16, 2010

yuck Ticks!!

My friend Pat is parked up in the pull through spaces, and she invited me for dinner and to bring my dog Kandi. She has two dogs. My dog is not used to dogs period. Or other people. We don't get out much. But I took the little baby with me. It was so hot I could not breathe. I had to park behind her and walk up a small incline to her door. I was not sure I could make it. Had a few chest pains, and it was so hot. She took Kandi in and I went back to the truck to get my purse and drink and the dish I had brought to share. Put a nitro under my tongue and soon felt better. She had changed her mind about what she was fixing and we didn't need my dish after all. Sat in her recliner and talked for awhile, Kandi in my lap. She would not get down, would not play with the other dogs, would not accept a "treat" or a bite of hamburger! Such a baby, but she is my baby! Well I noticed a tick crawling on me! I hate those nasty things! I felt like they were all over me! So we went home after a while, and I discovered another tick on me. When I got up this morning, another tick, on me. I am covered with ticks! I was looking through Kandi's hair, and sure enough I got two off her. Not happy about the ticks. I hadn't seen any ticks until my visit with Pat and her pooches. We had plans to go to Waco tomorrow, but she called and canceled that, she is going to move her rig to another space. She says ants are crawling all over her outside hoses, and has been invaded with ticks! I don't know if another site will be any better. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE CAMPING??

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  1. Be careful with ticks. Someone just forwarded me an article about newly hatched ticks in the southeast being mistaken for chiggers, but they can cause a severe allergic reaction when the person eats pork or beef. The tick actually brings on an allergy to meat! So please watch out for ticks and such.