Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Campground for Canines

Made a trip to town to get my mail, and I got my Escapee's magazine. This article on Campground for dogs caught my eye! It seems there is this Campground in the foothills of N.C. in Rutherfordton, about 45 miles east of Asheville. They have a large fenced in, off lease area for big and small dogs, with fresh water, pools, toys and agility field with equipment. The owner of the campground is an agility and obedience trainer and gives private lesson should that be of interest. A spring-fed pond with grass is a perfect place for you pet to cool off and roll around. There are hiking rails that lead to a nice forest. A self guided obedience park is also on the grounds. The "doggy bath House" with its do-it-yourself grooming is nice after a long day of playing, and if the adults want to out for the day, there is a dog-walking service. for more info visit http:www.4pawskingdom.com
I did stop by the office to report my "tree". We have a new manager and she really did not have it under control today. She said she would come over and "look". No maintenance man today. I can't imagine a park without some sort of maintenance personal, at all times! She couldn't take my money for my electric bill, she couldn't find the keys to the register! So, I have to go back again tomorrow. It's a good thing my truck doesn't use diesel!

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