Thursday, July 1, 2010

When it Rains it Pours!

I was really enjoying the cooling effect the rain had, at times it was pretty heavy. When I got ready to go to bed last night I discovered my bed was wet! Yep, got a leak, water dripped from the TV antenna, which is just over my bed. This happened several months ago, and I called my Son In Law to come and put a little caulk around the antenna on the roof, but he did not have time. I really forgot about it, and it rained and it didn't leak again. But this time, it really soaked my bed. I called the mobile RV repair man that I use, course they were going on vacation, so I will have to wait until July 8th! I hope it didn't ruin my roof! The mobile repair guy is so $$ he charges $85.00 hour with an hour, plus $20.00 service call. That is $105.00 just to come out here. If it takes longer, another $85.00! I am on fixed income and it really is hard for me to pay that much for someone to put a little caulk around my TV antenna. I hope that is all that is wrong. I put a cloth around the antenna, held with a rubber band, maybe it won't drip on me. I had a lot of expenses in May, birthdays, graduation, etc. I was a little short any way, now this. Guess that is the price you pay when you are an old widow lady! I shouldn't gripe, I am grateful I can get out of bed in the morning! Well, I am done fussing, I am still working on downloading my free book from Amazon. Seems after downloading the free reader to my PC you must register it. I will do that tonight, maybe.

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