Monday, July 19, 2010

Slow Monday

It's been a slow day today. Just cleaning and called in some of my meds. It did come a few sprinkles yesterday and cooled things off some. Still looking at maps, and trying to decide if I really want to spend the money on going to the Balloon Fiesta. Thirty dollars for boondocking is a little steep for me. Seems I have to make reservations pretty quick. That alone sorta puts me off. I just don't like to make reservations. I realize that some time it is necessary, when I stay at Thousand Trails in Palm Springs, or Las Vegas you must make reservations about 90 days in advance. That is hard to do sometimes. I will have to do some more planning. Right now I would be happy to get out of my space and see if I can still handle this rig. We will see.

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