Friday, July 23, 2010

Updated my Droid

I received a notice that I had "updates" available for my Droid phone. So I thought OK, must be important, so I updated it. Well that changed all my settings! For two days now I have been re-setting my favorites. I took some pictures of the park but have not been able to figure out how to transfer them to my computer. It worked before the update. One thing it added I do like is "shopper", just point your phone at say a book cover and it will find where you can buy it, or at a bar code. If you want to you can say, find, whatever it is you are looking for. I still think it is a great phone. I can tether it to the computer and get online when I don't have WiFi. See, Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks!
I worked pretty hard all day. Washed my bed linens, groomed my dog. Put Frontline Plus on her! I did find two ticks. Uck! Then I felt like I had ticks. So I washed me and my hair. Made Burritos for dinner. Cleaned my kitchen, did another load of clothes. I am so tired I can't wait for bed!

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  1. You have more patience with technology than I do! I hate it when the settings I am used to get changed by an update - happens once in a while with Firefox, and especially with Google. I'm not going for any more Google updates.