Monday, July 12, 2010

Kindle Reader

I had mentioned in an earlier blog I had downloaded a free reader for my pc. I had been researching the Kindle Reader. It will hold 1500 books! I think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread for RVrs. The price? It is on sale at Amazon, but still too much for me. I discovered you can download a free version for your phone, or pc. I did just that. You will have to establish a Amazon account if you don't have one. Then look for Kindle , then free download. To the left look for books for Kindle, and then free books. It didn't take long to download my choice. A murder mystery, I have been reading it on my computer, and have learned how to enlarge the print, I don't even have to wear my glasses! You can bookmark it, and when you return, it's right there where you left off. I have yet to figure out how to burn it to CD. I don't want to take up space on my hard drive. When I started this, I had in mind, when I was boondocking, with no TV I could read my books on my PC! I could envision sitting in the desert holding my computer, reading my books! One problem, my computer is heavy! And it does get pretty warm. A friend of mine has a TV tray, minus the stand, and holds it in her lap. My computer is a 17" screen, and will not fit on any sorta of tray I can come up with. I have TV tray, and a tray that has a pillow bottom, but my computer will not fit either one. I have to come up with something not to heavy that will accommodate the computer and mouse!
So, you don't have to buy a $200.00 Kindle to read e-books! Hopefully you will buy e-books through my blog. :0)

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