Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just in Time!

Lot of rain forecast for this area in the next few days. I was so hoping my repair man would get my roof leak repaired before it rained again. He was due to come tomorrow, but he showed up today about noon, just as I had decided to take a "nap". That was OK with me. Hopefully he got everything fixed before the rain. He said the water was leaking around the TV antenna, just as I had thought. He also inspected the roof and caulked a few other places. He says just sitting in the sun will cause the seal to wear out. Very expensive to have it repaired. Very expensive to have a roof put on too. I have done that, don't want to again! At the time I still had my house, so I had some place to stay while it was done. They took almost a month. I think just because they knew I wasn't in a hurry. That company did some damage to my expensive hubs, and my toilet seat. Standing on it I guess. They have to remove all the vents, air conditioner etc. It was a mess, I hope to never go though that again! Any way, Jason said he caulked the roof pretty well and it should last another year! We'll see. I am getting a little fed up with all the repairs that go along with RVs. I sold my house to get out of yard work and repairs, I don't know if I am any better off. Seems like I have had a lot on this rig, however, some of my friends have had more and their rigs are newer. Go figure!

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  1. You are expressing my exact sentiments. There is way more maintenance and repairs required on an RV than there is on a house in my opinion.

    And speaking of newer rigs, is it just because I haven't been at this life for very long or does there seem to be a wild number of things going wrong with late model and relatively expensive RV's? Electric jacks that don't work or get stuck; water leaks that do some real damage, etc.

    Although I bought a used mid-range 5th wheel, the electric system was crap, the waste flush system was crap, and many things never worked at all.

    With all the troubles I've had, I want to be back on the road again although in something smaller and with fewer things to go wrong.