Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Travel Decals

This is just a sampling of my decals. I mounted them on a piece of Plexiglas,and mounted that on the back of my RV. When I traded RVs to the fifth wheel I have now, I had no bumper to mount the Plexiglas on. So, when I travel I put it inside the rear picture window, with suction cups. Since you can see I have been to Alaska, I have been through Canada! I don't have a decal for Canada, or Mexico, or the Bahama's! The states that I have not been in are Minnesota,Wisconsin,Maine,Vermont,New Hampshire.
In all fairness I should list Michigan, as I went just a few miles inside the state line, saw a casino, boondocked for the night, and next morning talked to my Mother who was wanting me to come home, so I did.
The first trip to Canada was to Banf National Park,ALBERTA. We pulled a 26 ft travel trailer. I don't remember the exact route we took from Texas, I do remember crossing the border at Cardston,going up Canada hwy 2, at Calgary, we took hwy 1 up to Lake Louise, where we stayed in the Provential Park. All the signs were in both English and French! A beautiful campsite, no water at the site and no dump at the site. There was a place to get water and dump. I think we did have a trickle of electric. We drove to Jasper National Park, didn't take the trailer, just drove up the highway in the truck. A beautiful drive. We stopped at the Columbia Glacier Icefields. A sight to see. We took a ride on an half track, out on the Glacier, the driver stopped and let people off to get a "drink" from the water melting from the Glacier. I didn't get off, I had a hard enough time climbing up in that thing in the first place! We made side trips to the ski lifts, took a ride on it too, no snow, but I can imagine what it would look like snow covered. When we returned we crossed the Rocky Mountains and took Hwy 93 down though Idaho, back to home. I have pictures, but they are in storage. More on Alaska later.

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  1. I have an online map of the states I've been in (on my blog page), but never got around to getting the decals for the RV. I'm definitely going to get them for whatever RV I end up with next. Good idea - the plexiglas.