Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cooling Rain

I have really been enjoying the past three days. It has rained almost every day. Of course I know when it ends the humidity will really be high, with temps in the 100s and the heat index will be 105. Not nice weather!
I have been cleaning and trying to get things arranged so I can put my slide out rooms in. When you sit in one place for a long time you get complacent and don't put things away! I think I got it made, I have just one more table to wax and figure out what to do with my plants. I like my coffee table, but it's a booger to move when I am ready to put slides in and go. I put it on the slide out ledge and bunge cord it to the sofa. I also have to move both recliners. I have several plants on my dining table and I used Handi Tack to keep from having to move them. That is really good stuff. I get it at Wal Mart for about a buck a package. They have several different ones, but the yellow is the best. The blue is more for posters and is not easy to remove. I have all my pictures on the wall with Handi Tack. My desk holds my computers, I have them sitting on slip stop, that works too unless I really hit a rough road. My printer sits next to the computer, on slip stop also, so mainly when I am ready to move I will just have to run bungee cords through the handle, pulls, to keep the drawers from coming open. When I have my three slides in I can still use the living room, but it is difficult. I don't put the slides out unless I am staying in a location more than a day. I only connect the electric, I don't unhook from the truck, but sometime I will put the front jacks down and raise the trailer just enough to take the weight off my truck/tires. It doesn't take me long to get going in the morning. I am not a early riser, and I enjoy my coffee and breakfast before leaving. By about 9 am everyone that is going to work is gone, and the traffic is not so bad. There are a few cities I try to go through on Sunday. El Paso,Texas is one! I am studying my maps, and just marking time. I am so hopeful to see the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. After all if you don't make plans, you won't ever go!

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  1. You've got my vote on El Paso as an only-on-Sunday kind of city. I can't think of many cities I wouldn't prefer to hit on a Sunday though.

    I always thought about trying the tacky stuff to hang pictures but never got around to it. I just set the frames on my vanity in the bedroom, but then I was usually the only one who saw them.