Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone enjoyed the PBS fireworks program. As usual they had great entertainers and a beautiful fireworks display. I have been to Washington DC long ago, in 1986 to be exact. A wonderful trip with my husband and youngest daughter on our way to Massachusetts. I am so glad we were able to go at that time, now you can't even get close to the White House! My husbands company sent him to New Bedford, so my daughter and I were able to go. We toured while he worked! Went to Horseneck Beach, was so nasty we decided we wouldn't get in the water! My husbands friend there took us for a "sail" on his sail boat. Little did I know there was rough weather coming, or I wouldn't have gone! When that boat, I think you call it,"keeled" I thought I was going in the water! I don't swim, scared me good. They also took us out to eat, I ordered sweet clams. I loved them here, at Howard Johnsons. Well there they cook the whole thing, including the "bellies". NOT something I want to try to eat again! We also drove down to the Kennedy compound, went to see the Plymouth Rock , and a whaler museum. Didn't have time to go to Boston, a big regret for me. We turned a business trip into a vacation! Drove both the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the one that goes through Virginia, sorry I have CRS! (can't remember sh%^. ) Better days, good memories!

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