Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Son

I have been thinking about my son all day. He would have been 50 years of age! He was murdered April,2006 by three black men. They robbed him and took his life too. He worked with a company that re-built nursing homes, and was headed to Arkansas to do a job there. I had just talked to him the day before, he told me he wanted to come out and spend the week end with me but he needed to collect his pay from the last job, before he went with that company again. He said he had about $3500.00 coming, he was saving for a new car. He was upset that every time, this company would make the crew wait to get all their pay. He was staying at a Motel, and the security camera caught everything! He must have know them, he opened the door and the tape showed the two black men stepping in. They were all caught. The driver was not prosecuted, one turned states evidence on the shooter. The shooter got 10 years. I just imagine he is out already! Justice is blind!

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  1. That is a terrible tragedy to endure, and I'm sure the pain never goes away. You have my thoughts and sympathies.