Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unwelcome Guest!

Seems I have a mouse in the house! After dealing with the ticks, and I have been fighting ants all summer, now I have a mouse. I am afraid it is a family of mice. I put out mouse bait every where, under the cabinets, and in the bays. Just one thing after another.
I finally made it to Wally world today. I get my meds from there, and from a mail order pharmacy. Of course Wal Mart did not have all of my meds. and that means another 40 mile round trip to Hillsboro. O well I forgot half of what I went for anyway! Really hot and humid, I had a hard time getting all my grocery's from the truck to the rig. Still haven't put them away. Save something to do for tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. I had mice last summer by the time I left Lassen. They took the mouse bait as fast as I could buy it, so I went to something stronger (I can't remember exactly but it was probably rat bait), and that did the trick. Good luck getting rid of them, and don't waste too much time and energy on the D-Con mousey stuff. Go for the gusto! Can you figure out where they are getting in? That's the tough part.