Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just Running Errands

Friday was a rainy day, between rain drops I managed to go to the Post Office and pick up my mail. What a line, I had forgotten it was a Holiday week end, I guess everyone was doing the same thing I was doing. Went to the Dollar store. I get my dog food and dog treats there, and I always manage to find some else I just can't live without. I bought some DVD+R to put my "movie" on, just as soon as I learn how! I think pictures or movies that can be played on TV must be put on DVD. Then to the grocery store for just a few items, back home in the rain. It did stop raining long enough for me to get my "loot" in the RV.
Today I have been busy doing laundry, and general cleaning. I washed my sheets. That is a all day job. I wish I could figure out an easier way to do it. The park, Thousand Trails is having their Fireworks display tonight. My dog is going crazy! She is barking her head off. Last year I sat outside on my patio and had a great view! She sat in my arms, and did not bark as much. I decided not to go out tonight, it is sorta misting, I really don't want to get wet. In other words, I am just lazy! I have seen a lot of Fireworks displays in my life. The ones I enjoyed the most were with my children. Just not the same when you are alone. My roof seems to be holding! I hope it doesn't leak anymore and the repair man can take care of it without any problems.

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