Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great Day

I had a great day. Didn't do a lot. Made some cranberry/orange muffins. I know I'm not supposed to have any sugar, my bad! Took my trash down to the big trash cans at the end of my driveway. Kandi went with me. It didn't take three minutes for her to be covered in stickers! I picked up my wash bucket and stuff I used to wash my truck. Going to rain again! I hope the RV repairman gets my roof leak fixed before that. Dumped and back flushed my black tank. It was really hot. The heat was like a blast furnace when you opened the door. Came in and tried to pick all the stickers out of Kandi's hair. Poodles have a lot of hair. They don't shed, but you do have to groom them. I was going to get my clippers out and do just that, but I laid down on the sofa to rest a minute, and fell asleep! Is that a sign of old age ?

1 comment:

  1. While in Savannah my dog had to be very wary of stepping on sand burrs, but she got enough of them in her coat somehow. They would cling to my pants legs and socks - even shoes. Then some would fall on the floor of the RV, so I had to wear shoes or slippers all the time.