Saturday, July 17, 2010

How Hot is It?

How hot is it? The hens in Texas are laying "boiled" eggs!
My friend Pat is gone. She is from Pennsylvania, can't take this Texas heat. No, really her air conditioner wasn't working, she tried moving to a shady pull though, but it just wouldn't cool. So she left about 2pm. We did make the Dollar store, and Frugals discount store before she left. She has a place that she and her doggies can stay until getting her air repaired. I am not so lucky, I guess I would have to rent a room somewhere.
Some places in Texas with the heat index hit 107 today. That is hot even for Texas.

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  1. Has the tick problem been solved? Be careful about them. I think the products such as Frontline really work well for dogs - ticks can land on them but seem to get tangled up in the fur and can't attach to their skin, so they eventually die. But I don't know what we can do except to really watch for them crawling on us, before they settle in.