Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Thought It Was A Day Of REST

Some time during the night I woke up, hearing this scraping noise just outside my bedroom. I kept listening and in my sleepy thoughts, I will have to check on that in the morning. Well morning came, I had my breakfast and listened to my favorite Church Services, In Touch Ministries , with Dr. Charles Stanley. Then another cup of coffee, another minister came on, another cup of coffee, and I was so sleepy so I thought I would lie down for about an hour and then try grooming my dog, Kandi. When I got in bed I heard that scraping. So I thought I might as well go look. By now it is HOT! I pulled on my work shorts, sprayed the bug spray all over me, got my work gloves, and out I went. The wind was blowing pretty good, so it wasn't too hot. I have a long tree trimmer pole, I carry with me in the bed of the truck, just in case I have to trim a tree to get in a space. Got my work gloves on and went after it. The problem is my neighbor has a dead tree in his space, and it is leaning over my way, pushing some Crepe Myrtles on my bedroom slide out roof. I have had enough roof problems! So I am determined to cut the tree limb off. I had to trim the Crepe Myrtles in order to get to the dead limb. By now my hip is hurting, my back is hurting and my chest is hurting. I heard one of my neighbor men out side talking to some other man. I kept watching, I thought I would ask for help if they came out in the yard. I got the pole tree timer in the dead limb, but I don't have enough muscle to pull the long rope to cut it. In fact, I got it hung there for awhile. I was too tired to walk over to the neighbors, so I came in and called on the phone. His wife said he was watching the races, and she would send him over when the they were over. Well it it 11:20 pm , I guess he is still watching the races! Tomorrow is Monday, and hopefully the parks maintenance men will be here, and just maybe I can get him to finish what I started! I just didn't want that limb scraping the paint, or maybe getting on my rubber roof! So much for a restful day!

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  1. So much for being able to count on the neighbors. Take it easy, especially in the heat.