Monday, April 22, 2013

Moving day

Moving day was Wed. it was so hard. I finally got all the "dumping" done, and most of the stuff inside put away. My daughter got there about noon and finished what I couldn't do. Just as we were pulling out, here comes the woman from the office. She asked me if I was moving? I would have thought she knew that, since I was hooked up and she blocked me from pulling out! I just said yes, she ask if I was going to site 60, and I said no, then she asked where I was going, I just looked at her and didn't answer. I thought it really wasn't any of her business. Then she ask if I was leaving the park, and I said yes. Just about that time Cherry's boyfriend told me I had a flat on the trailer! So, had to find my air pump and inflate the tire, then we went to Thousand Trails Lake Whitney, right next door! When I got here three of the workers met me, and one took my rig around the circle, and the other guys started cutting tree limbs so I could get in! They cut a lot more limbs than I thought would need trimming, but they were right. One of the maintenance men got me in and unhooked. I am not as level as I would like to be, but it will work. I then pulled the truck up and out from under the fifth wheel. It is down a ramp, sharp right turn, and back around to park behind my rig. Parking is really tight. I think I will be contented here for a while. I hope to have some pictures tomorrow. Gee the folks here at TT/N Whitney are so nice!  


  1. It's great that the people at Thousand Trails are so helpful That is what you need, so you don't have to worry. I hope you are gaining back some strength.

    1. Thanks Teri! I am still trying!

    2. Last time I was there I arrived at night (due to a flat tire) and they were so helpful. They found me a halfway level site (not many level ones there) and shined flashlights to help me back in to get parked. Great staff!