Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some Pics of my new site

Let me say more on Sun Country, they advertise they are RPI,CtoC and ROD,and GOOD SAM park. I know for sure that Good Sam does inspect the parks before they can qualify to use their name. I just can't believe that Good Sam would allow that to happen at this park. I don't know about ROD, they too are a "high dollar" park. There is a plug you can buy,to plug into the electric box to "test" it before you plug in your rig. I have a 30 amp one, and they make one for a 50 amp. Remember I was already plugged in and was not having any trouble. The entire row behind me had no breakers!  So, what ever came down the line, power surge, or whatever went into your rig, and could fry all your appliances, I wouldn't stay in a site without a breaker. Well,enough about that.
   Here are a few Pic's of my new site, before I moved in, and some of my neighbors "lights". Seems everyone has some sorta of lights.

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