Saturday, April 20, 2013

Looking for a new "Home"

I have been "stuck" at Sun Country Golf and RV Resort for about seven months. I had great plans to head to AZ as soon as the holidays were over, not to be. I had a "mini" stroke the first of Jan. so I have just been sitting, going to doctors and trying to get well enough to drive! About a month ago I noticed the park was working on the site next to mine, digging up their water lines. This was about the fourth time this has happened. THIS time they came over to my electric post and dug , cutting off my electricity. I still don't know why they would dig at my site, as I had had no trouble. They turned off my electric for about four hours.  I never thought much about it, but later, a few weeks, I went out to dump my black tank, and I always sit on my little step stool, wait until I hear it's stopped running, I grabbed hold of the inside of the bay door, which was open, exposing the metal frame, to lift myself up. Boy! Did I get a shock! I didn't think I guess, but then a few days later, I was out working there, and the same thing happened. My daughter came to take me to the doctor and she went out to do something out there and SHE got shocked also. I called the office and left word on their answering machine about the shocks, and please send maintenance to see about it. I also explained I had a doctor appointment in Ft.Worth for a MRI the next day and I wouldn't be there. Bright and early, the office called me and told me I could NOT stay in my rig! I had to move to a different site! I told her I could not move just like that! Then she demanded my daughters phone number! I told her I would be back late that day, after five. While I am in the lab, betting MRI, she calls my daughter and tells her I cannot stay in my rig. So, I am wondering where I am going to stay. All during the MRI, I am thinking how much should I pack, what about dog food, all my meds? When the test is done, I ask my daughter to call the office and see how long I will have to be out. She said she had already talked to them, and they "felt" the outside of my rig, and didn't get shocked! Great, the fiberglass didn't shock them, hum, great maintenance they have. She was told I could do whatever I felt comfortable doing. I was so tired, so I went home, and got in my own bed!The office told me to move to site 60, which is a back in. Well, that's not what I paid for, I wanted another pull thru. I was paid up until April 21.So, I went looking for another RV park. On Monday morning the office manager knocks on my door, shaking her head at me, tells me I HAVE TO MOVE! All, along, she has been trying to tell me the problem was with MY rig, not their elec. So, why was she in such a hurry? It was not with my rig. I knew that, and as dumb as I am, I knew when they rewired the box, they must have crossed the ground wires. Well I found a new home. More about that later.


  1. Some of these RV parks are so frustrating. We pay for them to provide a safe place for us. I hope you found a nice place to call home.

  2. Oh, this angers me! I hate it when they don't take blame! Do you have a surge protector? If not, you need one to protect your system. You plug it in first to see if the power is safe, then proceed to plug in if it is. Sorry I'm coming in late on this. I've had my computer off for several days, perhaps a week or more because it turned black on me & scared me that it was crashing! And I'm really, really behind on all my blog reading, so am trying to catch up. I truly hope you do feel better soon...