Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rain rain go away!

I think everyone in Texas is getting rain. I for one have had enough. I think the total for this area was four inches, more than we have had in three months. Plus that, I am out of LP. I didn't even want to try getting it today because of getting in the rain, and mud. Hope tomorrow will be dry. I will have to ask for help, but I do need it as another cold front in coming in soon, and I don't have any,not one drop. 
Why do I have so much trouble with my insurance company,prescriptions ,and doctors office. Is it an "elderly" thing, or am I just stupid. I had my blood drawn on the 3rd to check my potassium level. Hadn't heard from the dr. so I called them this afternoon. I was told they had mailed me a copy of the lab report. I explained the Dr. wanted to check my level to see if I needed to take more. She didn't know. Then about five, someone called and of course I missed the call, it went to my voice mail, but when I went to retrieve it, the message was cut short and I didn't hear it. I tried listening to my mail again and this time I got it. In a low voice she says this is ???? and he wants you to continue the potassium. Great, the reason I called is I need another RX to get it if HE??? wants me to continue. I think my Doctor, and he staff just never talk to each other. So now, I have to go back to the lab, in Cleburne, about 30 miles away Friday for another test for the blood thinner. Getting old is sure a lot of FUN!


  1. Ugh on the medical stuff. I swear, I don't think some of them communicate. Plus the staff probably don't really know your case. Is there a service anywhere that brings propane to you? Or I guess you have the removable tanks don't you? Cooking is good, you need propane for that alone!

    1. Yes, my tanks come off. I managed to get one off, and my daughter and her boyfriend came and took them to be filled. Thank goodness, I am not ready for the next cold front

  2. You are right they don't "talk" to each other. It is all communicated on the computer. I worked in a doctor's office and when they order things it comes to your computer. All lab reports, instructions, prescriptions that come from the dr come through the computer. The problem was there were 4 of us and one was on the computer, one seeing patients, one drawing blood, and one running for the doc. You see how it all is now.
    It is frustrating for the staff also. I wish you Luck!

  3. I know they just work there, but still. Really frustrating. Thanks to Obama care a lot of doc. are closing because they can't afford the computers.