Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Yesterday my friend was to leave early in the morning. About six am I heard this pitter patter on my roof, and thought, oh oh, Pat's going to have to hook up in the rain, unless she did it the night before. At the same time I thought about my new "mat" I left laying on my picnic table. Didn't take it out of the plastic, because I plan to return it. Now it's wet! Well all day I thought I will let it dry out and go put it under the rig. Maybe it will be OK to return. Didn't feel too good, so I didn't do that, and yes, it rained again during the night!I give up. Any way I did talk to Pat last night and she had to hook up in the rain, and drove back to her "home base" about 125 miles away, to find out there had been a terrible storm there, and she can't get in the drive way, it gets too muddy. So, she made a detour to the Thousand Trails Park at Lake Bridgeport,TX. I guess she will be there for a week or two. It's a nice park, in fact it is my "home" park. It is NOT as nice at Whitney!
I am having so much pain in my stomach. I don't understand why, unless it is some of my meds. Also yesterday I had terrible leg cramps. Sound like an old woman don't I?
Found a new Blog I am following. He and his wife travel in a Roadtrek, but he has a lot of good ideas, and how to locate Natl. Parks/Forest campgrounds.

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