Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just what I need. second post today.

 Easy to drive and set up and I might be able to afford it!
 Dine table would have to be a computer table,
 Ain't she purddy? Also has hitch and will tow 5000 lbs
 Not bad kitchen, micro/convection oven.
 BUT NO BED!  Sofa makes a bed, looks like when it is made to a bed, no space
between it and the dine table.

 It would be great to travel in, but I don't know about living in it full time.
I would really like a bed that stays down all the time.
This one is close to me, so when the weather clears up, I will go look at it. It really suits me,except for having to make up the bed every night, or leave it down and block the bathroom.?


  1. Cute, not much different than mine. I sleep on a bed that is narrower than a twin in my rig and use it as a couch during the day (but it is not a sofa), and I live in it full time. Have to be careful with buying "stuff" - but I am finding I don't need a lot of stuff. Cool color on the outside. I'm trying to decide if I need to tow a jeep for when I am staying in one place like the job I have now.

  2. It really looks nice and would be much easier to drive and set up. I agree about preferring a bed that can remain a bed, but for traveling it's definitely doable. You might find you prefer the smaller space which would mean a simpler life because you can't bring home a lot of stuff.