Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thanks to my readers

for your comments and well wishers. I have been really depressed, but after watching PBS this am,Texas Parks and Wildlife program. I thought, well I could stay in Texas and maybe just drive back to get my lab work and doctor appointments. That is, after we see the CAT scan etc. Dr. Bates says that maybe I could go as long as 6 weeks without lab test if it gets regulated. Also, there is a new blood thinner on the market, Xarelto, I might look into. I am still not steady on my feet,and my right foot won't lift up all the way. I was hoping to drive today, but was a little afraid to try it yet. Maybe tomorrow. I am thankful I did not have a full blown stroke. My mother had two, that were very bad, so I know how it could be. I have been taking baby asprin for years, but guess that's not enough any more. I do feel better today, and hope to make some trips, just stay in Texas for the time being. Giving up is NOT in my genes.


  1. OH MY, I've fallen behind on my blog reading. Didn't know you were sick -- yes,do NOT give up!! I'll be wishing the best for you.

  2. From what I have read on your blog I can tell you are not a quitter. Your fight and staying mobile I'm sure will help you get back to your old self. Good luck with the doctors and the the blood thinner. Looking forward to hearing you are getting better.

  3. Hang in there. Doesn't help to say this, but it could have been way worse. You're right, having a full blown stroke could have been devastating.
    A high school chum of mine (which means she's my age, 56) had a stroke one morning after her normal walk to work. She's a healthy, slim, active person, so there were no warning signs. Only thing was, she couldn't say certain words, and realised very quickly that she had had a stroke. She survived, but spent a few days in hospital.
    You just never know.

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