Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We hit 100 today!

To say the least it's hot. We hit 100 today, it felt like it too!
I have been trying for days to get up early and do some work outside. Today was the day I HAD to do the work regardless of the time. My trash was running over and so was the black tank. I didn't make it outside until about 12:30, already hot. I did get my trash out, and bring in some Dr.Pepper I had left in the truck. I wasn't able to bring it in when I bought groceries a few days ago.
This morning while standing at my kitchen window, getting a cup of coffee, I saw the fire department truck with ambulance close behind come tearing into my area of the park, and going to my neighbor about two doors down. In a few minutes a red truck came in and behind them a park ranger. I think they went to Betty's rig. I have know Betty for years, and when I moved back in here, I was told she had a fall and broke her hip, had been in re-hab and was due back home the same day I moved in. I used to see her and her hubby "walking the circle" early in the am. I have not been to see her, I have trouble walking myself, so thought one day when I was out in the truck I would stop by and say hi. Betty and her husband used to volunteer a lot. He was a minister to some of the parks in south Texas when I first met them years ago. Betty was always "helping" some one,both here and at the park next door. Such a lovely lady. Her hubby, Noel is a diabetic. I hope every thing is OK with them. I am just dying to know.
Anyway I dumped the black tank, while sitting there on my lawn chair under the king pin, I decided to unwind a garden hose I had and see if I could find a sprayer attachment for it. I piddled around outside a good hour before I went inside.
Had lunch and then took a nap. After my nap, it was almost supper time, so I ran my blood work. It was 185, so I thought I will go ahead and take my Insulin shot and get my Metformin. That's when I discovered I had not taken my morning shot, and pills! I guess that means I don't need Insulin, I just need to quit eating, and work outside!


  1. We hit 94 so know what you are feeling, what with humidity through the roof.

    As a Type 2 diabetic myself, we both know that a blood glucose level of 185 preprandial is nothing to write home about. Keep on keeping on. Hope Betty and her DH are ok.

  2. Shush! We are going up to the triple digits in a couple of days, and I can hardly bear to think of it.