Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feeling better

My doctor finally called in some Cipro for my bladder infection and I am beginning to feel much better. Still have no energy, or maybe I am just lazy! Been a slow day for me, which is OK. I usually watch the TV preachers for awhile in the morning, sometimes I catch Face the Nation, fell asleep during the preaching. Didn't cook, just microwaved a sweet potatoe, couldn't eat all of it. 
   I have been reading the blogs, and I noticed several people aren't posting much either. Guess they are traveling which is what I wish I was doing. At least planning a trip in the near future.  My friend Pat, has plans to go to OR, of course she has had the same plans for years, hasn't left yet!I still just hope to get back to AZ someday and perhaps San Diego. The weather is always so nice in San Diego. I lived there when I was young, and I think I could live there again, if I could find a place I could afford! Well, it's something to plan on, look forward to.

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  1. I mostly dream of traveling north, and just love traveling across the whole country a little below the border.