Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Colder than blue blazes!

Colder than blue blazes here in Whitney! At least I have LP. I am very frugal when it comes to running the furnace. I hate that blower, and I can just see the LP sucked out of the tank, but I just can't help it. I can't seem to get warm. Even dressed in my "long johns" I am still cold. I am sure part of it is due to old age, poor circulation, diabetes etc. I have electric heaters going also!
All the talk  now days is about "backing up your computer". I am wondering if you back up to a CD, or a thumb drive, or external hard drive. Now I learn there is a place online that for less than $60 a year will auto back up for you. Do you back up your blog? I don't. I really should take some of my pictures for the year and put on a CD. I am not writing a book, I know there are a few bloggers that are doing that, and I thing you can publish your blog, for a price. To me, it was just a way to keep in touch with my friends and family when traveling. I'm not traveling much anymore, so it's just not that important to me. Some day, maybe I can make another trip, put up pictures, and I will want to keep them.
Because of the sleet and ice we had here, I didn't make my doctors appointment. Next week, maybe I can get the test done. I do know my blood thinner is working great, and I don't have to be tested again for a month! 


  1. I back up my computer once a month for my documents. At the same time I delete the last back-up i made so that I don't fill up that hard drive too fast. My pictures are included in my documents.
    Stay warm.

  2. I back up all my photos that I take on a thumb drive. I am just blogging like you to keep in touch with family and friends and help us keep track where we have been. Hard to remember any more :)
    If my blogs got deleted I wouldn't be too upset so I don't back them up. Hope you can get some warm weather before long.