Friday, May 3, 2013

Cold weather in May?

It was really cold here last night. Down to 34, crazy weather for this time of year. We got a little rain, but mostly cold. Makes my bones hurt! I haven't done anything, just trying to stay warm. Think I am really lazy! Just can't get motivated to do anything. TV is not good and I can only pick up one or two channels. Jason's Mobile RV will be fixing that for me, soon I hope! Thinking about trading my fifth wheel for a motorhome. I know some other ladies that have done just that and seem to like it. I had a class C when I started my SOLO life, and really enjoyed it, but thought it was way too small to live in. Now that I have been doing this alone for 16 years, I would do things different and I think I could live in a class C. I don't want to give up my ice maker, or washer dryer. That's the problem. Most class C don't have room for a W/D, and not many have ice maker. I am really not able to haul laundry to the laundry mat, and back. Maybe I can find something in between. 

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