Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still 100!

Still 100, but we are in for a "cold front". In other words, it will be 99 instead of 100!
Just too hot to do anything. I think the A/C runs 24/7. I dread seeing my electric bill. The door side of my RV faces the west, and I get the west sun,starting about noon, until sundown. I haven't put my awing down yet. My grandson is coming to wash my rig, and I thought I would get him to help me anchor it down good. If we have a storm and it rips it off, then maybe the Ins. will spring for a new one. 
Gypsy is making plans for her trip, with all the maps etc. I only need one map to get the h*** out of Texas!I don't know if I would be any happier, but I would go where the weather in better. You know I am talkin San Diego? 
I have been researching the San Diego area for RV parks to rent by the month. I did find one, not cheap, but they get very good ratings from people that have stayed there. Next, I will research Oceanside,CA. Got to try to keep my spirits up!


  1. There is nothing like planning a trip to raise your spirits! Hope you get to San Diego or some good place to your liking in Southern CA.

  2. Oh man, you were two degrees hotter than us today! Ha. 100 the next two days though. My little portable a/c sure is getting a work out. I have a good working roof air unit, but power issues here forced me to resort to a portable unit that draws less power here. Keep cool, think of cool places! That's what I'm trying to do. I was hoping to be in Pa for the summer, that didn't work out.

  3. This is cherry, Theresa's daughter. My mom passed away this morning. She loved traveling,now she is one her last journey. She always told me her trips are not trips,they are an adventure.

    1. I too have been checking her blog frequently and had thought the worst after such a long time, decided to check the comments..........My condolences to the family..

  4. I have been checking frequently for a new post----------------Finally decided to look at comments. Now I understand that Roadrunner's Travels has ended. Hope you are taking care of Candy(? think that was her little dog's name. So sorry about the loss of your mom. I think somebody who knows how should put a note at the top of the blog to let people know! Best wishes for you.

  5. I am so sorry to hear of Roadrunner's passing. She wanted so badly to be able to travel and do things she used to do. I'll miss her, and my condolences to her family.