Wednesday, June 2, 2010


June is here and it is HOT. we are expected to reach triple digits this week end. Of course this is TEXAS! We skipped spring, went straight to summer.
I made a short trip into town yesterday, stopping by the office here at the park. Found out we have a new park manager. Was really surprised. I guess everything changes.
Did some shopping at Dollar store. I find a lot of things are cheaper. Dog food and dog treats for a couple. Also bought some tea towels and bleach.
Then on to the grocery store. Lightened my billfold there! I can't believe the price of lettuce. Really hard to buy fresh veggies right now. I bought a TV dinner, I knew I wouldn't want to cook when I got home. I don't know if that was what made me sick, but I was up most of the night. I still didn't feel too good today, so once again I put off finishing my wash job on my truck. Good thing because it has been raining here all evening. Seems like Central Texas is prone to thunderstorms. No tornadoes just a lot of lightning and hail in some areas the size of golf balls. I was lucky I only got rain, which we needed. I am just a mile from Lake Whitney, I know the lake level is low. There is a nice place to fish, and a public boat dock. I can, if I was able, walk down to the lake. To get to the boat dock, and covered fishing pier, you must drive a couple miles. When my friends come down we go fishing. Never caught anything, but chiggers! If I can ever get my computer and camera to sync, I will post some pictures of the lake.

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  1. That's one thing I love about CA--the availability of locally grown produce. I'm going to a big farmer's market downtown early Sunday morning. I'll probably buy way more than I can possibly eat!